How to find and view your route

To get your route (delivery task), open the ANT-Logistics mobile app on the device.

On the page Routes, a list of routes for today will be displayed. It will be the routes for the current date if you log in the first or ones for the last selected date if you have already logged in.


Click on the calendar field to choose the data.

The calendar contains different conditional marks.

Calendar marks:

-- dates with the planned routes.

-- dates with the actual routes.

-- selected date;

-- current date.

If a date matches more than one condition, marks are combined.

Click the button TODAY on the bottom of the screen to choose the current date for route view. Or click the required date on the calendar to select this one.

Route View

When you click on the route, an action bar and route parameters will open.

The parameter list is configured on the service ANL-Logistics (Table Settings directory > Vehicles).

Click again to hide an action bar and route parameters.

A Long Click on the screen opens the context menu.

Click on an empty part of the screen to hide it.