The toolbar contains tools, flags and buttons for calling functions.


Move the map to the selected object. When the flag is set, the map is automatically positioned on the selected object (point, route, zone, etc.).

Map object properties. When the flag is set, a window with properties of the selected map object is displayed.

Sale points. When the flag is set, the map displays all the points from the Sale points directory.

When hovering over the flag, the following flags are also displayed: "Warehouses", "Service points".

When the flags are set, the map displays accordingly all points from the directories Warehouses, Service points.

All geo zones. When flag is set, all geo-zones from the directory are displayed on the map.


Point. The tool plots point on the map. It's used for quick routing by points which not included in the directory, as well as for dragging routes to another road on the map.

Ruler. The tool is used to measure distances between two or more map points.

Selection of a group of points. The tool allows you to select several points on the map and perform similar actions with them (copy, delete, move to documents, etc.).

When hovering over this tool, options for groups of points are displayed: Calculation points, Directory points, Request points, Route points.

When you click on the Selection of a group of points tool, the last selected point group option is activated.


Current settings. Allows you to select and configure different versions of the calculation, geo-zones groups and groups of setting.

Route calculation. This function calculates a route for points plotted on the map using the Ruler tool.

Delete objects. Clears the map of all drawn objects created using the Point and Route calculation tools.

Display all roads. The function draws the Roads layer in the visible area of the map. More about this function: Road graph.

Traffic forecast. Includes an interactive map of predicted traffic congestion by day of the week and time.

Route animation. Allows you to view an animated display of the car movement along the route.

Help. Includes the button for contacting technical support, links to the Help Center and Blog.

Show/hide context help assistant

Quick analytics. Calls the Quick Analytics window.