Pricing and payments

To manage your plan and make payments online, click Payments on the User menu on the Top app bar.

Note! If the Payments item is absent on the User menu, contact technical support to activate it.

Balance checking and payments execution

  • The Balance tab contains information about the current and new tariff plans, the end date of the prepaid period, and the account balance. In this tab, you can also pay online using any bank card or Portmone payment system in this tab.

If the account balance is less than your monthly payment, the account will be blocked after the end of the prepaid period. Once you pay according to the tariff, the blocking will be removed. The beginning of a new billing period is the date of debt repayment.

Plan change

  • In the New tariff tab, you can choose another tariff plan, configure additional features, and set the start date of its validity.

There are several restrictions on setting up a new tariff plan:

  1. Only the account owner can change the tariff;

  2. You can:

  • change the tariff in the current period *, if the new one is more expensive (but only if you have enough balance to pay for it);

  • set any tariff from the first day of the next period *;

  • set any tariff on any future date if your current one is Free.

  1. You can't:

  • set up a new tariff if you have a debt;

  • set up a new tariff if you have already set another one in this period *;

  • set the same tariff as a current one.

*) - see the next payment at the bottom of the Balance tab.

Event log

  • The Event log tab displays previously completed events: replenishment of the account, automatic debiting of funds from the account, and the beginning of the new tariff.