Enabling the Location Transfer Function in the Mobile App

To enable the location transfer function in the Mobile App:

  1. Log in ANT_Logistics mobile app.

  2. Open the navigation drawer (swipe right on the Routes screen).

  3. Click on the Settings.

4. Select the Transferring GPS data item.

4. Select Send current location.

5. Time interval. Set the frequency of information transfer from the mobile device to the service. Default value is 1 minute

You can also manage the Location transfer function directly from the service ANL-Logistics.

  • Open GPS trackers directory.

  • Double-click the device you need in the list.

The Editing record window will open.

Open the Mobile App tab and select the option in the Coordinates record field:

  • controlled by user - the driver enables or disables the Location Transfer Function independently in the Mobile App.

  • always on - the Location Transfer function is always enabled, the driver can't disable it;

  • always off - the function is always disabled, the driver can't enable it;