Quick Access Toolbar

Quick Access Toolbar contains additional buttons with the most popular functions.

To display/hide it, open User Profile > Other tab, set Yes or No in the field Show additional buttons.

You can also hide or swap certain Quick Access Toolbar buttons using the Table Settings Directory (Documents > Quick access toolbar buttons).

Quick Access Buttons

Requests import. Imports requests from an integrated CRM system.

Points geocoding. Automatic binding of unattached sale points to the map.

Generate routes. Starts route calculation.

Clear request. Removes all points from the Request document on the selected date.

Delete routes. Deletes all routes on the selected date.

Calculation settings. Displays the Additional Parameters window with settings for routes calculating.

Analytics. Opens the Analytics module in a separate browser window.

Notify customers (sms/mail). Sends notifications for orders of the selected route according to the previously configured sending (Service > Settings > Data exchange and Notifications).

Settings. Opens the Settings window.

Calculation log. Opens the Calculation log for Requests/Routes.

Update the quantity according to the request. Updates the products quantity according to the request for the selected date.

Show all vehicles. Shows the actual location of all vehicles linked via GPS trackers on the map.