Top app bar

Elements of the Top app bar:

Hide the Top app bar

Click "Х" to hide the Top app bar. The Menu button will appear in the upper left corner instead of the panel. Click on it to display the Top app bar again.

Current tariff plan

You can see your current tariff plan on the Top app bar.

When you hover over it, a tooltip with the validity period of the tariff plan will appear.

Share link

To share information displayed on the map, such as the route, use the Share Link button.

Copy the link or use social network buttons for sharing.

Search line

Fill in the search line to find a point on the map. Enter an address (region, city, street, house) or a pair of geographical coordinates separated by commas or spaces.

Map selection

The Ant-Logistics is able to use different types of maps. The Open Street Map is used by default (recommended).

Choose map that you like or that shows more details.

Menu Service

Documentation. Open/close the Documentation window.

Directories. Open/close the Directories window.

My links. Open the list of links generated by clicking on Share link button.

Analytics. Switching to the Analytical reporting module.

Import. Open the Import window. It allows you to add a large ammount of data for the directories simultaneously.

Mobile commerce. Open the Directory window for Mobile commerce.

Settings. Open the database setting window. It contains database parameters, as well as constants for routing.

About Project. Common information about Ant-Logistics.

User menu

Profile. Profile settings for current user.

Payment. Current tariff plan, balance, payment processing.

Home. Go to the homepage

Log out. Close the current session.

Contact the operator

Contact the technical support operator.

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