Driver Registration

For the driver to receive his routes on the Mobile App, you need to add a user with the Driver access type on the service ANL-Logistics.

To add a new user:

  • Sign in to the service ANL-Logistics.

  • Open Settings from the Service menu.

  • Open the Access tab in the Settings window.

  • Click + on the control panel to add a new user.

  • Fill in the form:

- Access Type. Choose the Driver access type.

Then you will see the fields below:

- User. Enter an e-mail, which the driver will use as a login to enter the Mobile app.

- Change Password. Select Change Password from the drop-down menu.

- Password. Create a password for the user to enter the Mobile App.

- Vehicle. Select a Vehicle from the drop-down list (includes all the vehicles from the Directory). It will be linked with the mobile device when Mobile App is first authorized.

It is not a mandatory field. You may choose a Vehicle later (see Linking the mobile device to the vehicle).

- Subscribed. If Yes is selected, we will send information about the use of the ANT-Logistics service to the specified e-mail (see User field).

  • Click OK.

  • The new user will appear in the table:

Note! You can specify common User for all drivers or an individual for each.