Login and access to the service

Login the service

Open the page https://ant-logistics.com/index.html# in your browser. The most recommended browser for using the service is Google Chrome.

Open the Log In menu on the Top app bar and fill in the Username and Password fields according to your registration data. Click the Log In button.

Click Forgot your password? to recover your password. The letter from support@ant-logistics.com.ua will be sent to the specified email with a link for the password reset. Follow the link to get a new password. We recommend that you change this password.

Click To Home to go to the Ant Logistics Home Page.

If you successfully log in, your Username and ID for the support service will be displayed instead of Log In.

Note! If you haven't received a letter from support@ant-logistics.com.ua to your email, please check your Spam folder.

Access to the service

If you are not registered on the service, leave a request on our website https://ant-logistics.com/. We will conduct an introductory presentation and create a test account for you.