Table Settings

Users can customize the display of fields on the screen: hide and display fields, move them, and change the width of columns. To do this, go to the Directories -> Table Settings.

'Apply only to the current User' Mode

If you need to make changes only for yourself (that is, for the current user), then enable Mode 'Apply only for the current user'. The icon will be highlighted in pink.

If you need to make changes for all users, this mode must be disabled.

Note! The settings for the current user take priority over the common ones.

Editing Table settings

Select the table (Directory or Document) you need to customize - click on it. In a sub-window, you will see a list of available fields.

Double-click a field you need to edit. The Editing record window will open:

  • In the General tab, specify how to display the field (Show - if you want to display it both in the table and in the Properties, Show only in properties or Hide) and the width of the column in the table;

  • in the Mobile app tab specify how to display the field in the mobile application and the location of information depending on the orientation of the phone screen;

  • in the Other CRM tab, enter data for importing third-party CRM fields (used when configuring integration with third-party CRM services).

Some directories, like Products, Vehicles, and Tasks (Product list) have User fields. You can rename these fields and change their type.

Note! For some documents (for example, Import orders (Point)), there are no fields in the sub-window. You can only configure the access for them.

Moving records in a table

To move columns in the table, enable Mode 'Move record'.

A sequence of actions:

  1. Select the column you want to move.

  2. Click the Move record button.

  3. Click the column before which you want to move the selected one.

  4. The column will change its position.

Reset to default settings

To reset previously made settings, use the Reset by default button.

A sequence of actions:

  1. Select the table (Directory or Document) - click on it.

  2. Click the Reset by default button.

  3. The settings of the selected table will be reset to default values.

Note! Tables with default settings are highlighted in green. Tables with user settings to are highlighted in black.

Customizing access to the Table Settings (for Administrator only!).

An administrator can set users' rights to edit and view each table.

Double-click on the table (Directory or Document) for which you want to configure access, and open the Access tab in the Editing record window.

Select the roles that will have access to View and Change this table.