Linking the Mobile Device to the Vehicle

To connect the planned routes with the actual ones, we need to assign a GPS tracker to the vehicle.

Note! The role of the GPS tracker can play both a mobile device and a specified GPS tracker in your vehicle. In this topic, a GPS tracker is a mobile device with an authorized ANT-Logistics mobile app.

  1. Sign in to the service ANL-Logistics.

  2. Open Vehicles directory.

  3. Select the requied vehicle.

  4. Open the Tracker tab in the subwindow of the directory.

  5. Click + on the control panel to add a GPS tracker to the vehicle.

6. Fill in the form:

      • GPS tracker. Select the GPS tracker that should be linked to this vehicle.

      • Date Beg (Date Begining). If your GPS tracker was previously linked to another vehicle, enter the actual start date of its use on the current vehicle. It is necessary to make it clear in what time range the transmitted data on the mobile device location corresponds to this vehicle.

      • Date End. You can leave the default value. Further, when you finish using the GPS tracker on this vehicle, set the corresponding date.

      • Use in RR (Use in Actual Routes) - it's recommended to set Yes. In this case, the location data of the device will be displayed in the actual routes.

7. Click OK.

8. An entry about the linked GPS tracker will appear in the table.

Now the data on the vehicle movement will be available in the Actual routes document on the ANT-Logistics service, and the driver will receive the routes on his mobile device.