Directories controls

Directories are located on the right sidebar.

The appearance of directories:

Some directories, in addition to the main window, may also have a sub-window:

Directory selection

The Select a directory button and the Directory name are located in the upper left corner. The number in square brackets is the number of entries in the directory.

To switch between directories, click the Select a directory button. Select the required one from the drop-down menu.

Click the Hide button at the bottom of the menu to hide it.

Directory tools

Directory tools are located to the right of the Select a directory menu. They are different for each directory, so they will be described in the sections of the specific directories.

Directory search and filtering

The search bar is located under the Select a directory button.

The search is carried out in all fields of the directory.

The input text can be of any length and contains any symbols. The asterisk * means one or more arbitrary ones.

While information is present in the search bar, only those entries that satisfy the search conditions are displayed in the directory.

You can reset the filter by deleting information from the line or pressing "x".

In some directories, you can select a specific field for search (The Filter button to the left of the search bar). Click on the button and select the required field or "All fields" from the drop-down menu.

Search by the Code field has additional features:

  • To search for an entry with a specific code, precede the value with an equal sign "=". Only the entry with a full match will be shown.

  • To search for multiple entries, list their codes separated by commas, such as "4, 52".

Fields containing numeric data can be filtered by their relative value (greater than or less than a given value). To do this, put a "greater than" sign (>) or "less than" sign (<) in front of the numerical value in the search field.

You can display deleted entries by selecting the Deleted records item from the drop-down menu. A list of deleted entries that were previously used in calculations will open.

When you select a field to filter, a Pin/Remove Filter button will appear to the right of the Filter button. It allows you to use several filters at the same time.

Procedure for using multiple filters:

  1. Click the Filter button and select a field to filter.

  2. Enter the required values in the search bar to search for the specified field.

  3. Click the Pin/Remove Filter button (the button changes from a green "+" sign to a red "-" sign).

  4. Enter the required values in the search bar to search for the next field.

  5. Click the Pin/Remove Filter button again.

  6. Repeat the procedure once more to add more filters.

All selected fields will be marked with a Filter icon.

To cancel filtering, click "Clear all filters".

Note! Filtering is applied until you reset it or until you close the directory! Up to this point, only filtered entries are displayed in the directory.

Directory control panel

The control panel is located under the data table.

Depending on the selected directory, the control panel may contain the following buttons:

Add an entry to the data table.

Edit the selected data table entry.

Delete the selected data table entry.

Copy selected data table entry. The entry is copied with the same name, but with the addition of the word "Copy" and the time of copying. For example, machine "AT 1245" will be copied with the name "15:48:07 Copy AT 1245", where 15:48:07 is the copy time of the entry.

The mode of quick editing of the selected entry of the data table. The button is available for the Vehicles directory and allows to edit custom numeric fields directly in the data table.

Navigation through the pages of the directory. The panel displays the total number of pages in the directory and the number of the current page. For example, "1/3" means that the 1st page of 3 is opened. Use the navigation buttons to navigate between them.

Change panel width

By default, the Directory panel is open to standard width. You can expand the panel borders to reveal hidden fields.

Sorting directory data

The data in the directory is sorted by default by the Code field in ascending order. This is indicated by a triangle icon next to the field name. Click on it or on the field name to sort the entries in reverse order.

Directory entries can be sorted by other fields. Click on the name of the required field to do this.

On the first click the records will be sorted in ascending order, and on the second - in descending order.

Note! A directory can have multiple pages of entries. Records are sorted by all pages.