Profile management

To manage a profile, open the LogIn menu on the Top app bar, click Profile and select the tab:

In the Connect the base tab you can switch between databases if your company has many branches and you use several databases.

You can change your username and password both simultaneously and separately in the Change login/password tab.

To do this, select the necessary actions in the Change login or Change password fields.

To change the login, enter a new email in the User field.

To change the password, fill in the Current password and New password fields.

Note! Use a valid email address to change your login, because it will be used if you forgot your password.

Enter your data in the User settings tab:

  • Full Name;

  • Nick Name - is used instead of Log In menu name on the Top app bar (first part of your Username as default);

  • Phone, Social Network, Skype, Position - optionally;

  • Language - interface language.

Set up auxiliary features of the service in the Other tab.

  • Set the Show Assistant field on Yes to display tips for using the service. You can also turn it on in the Toolbar (Show context help assistant button).

  • Show additional buttons - set this field on Yes to display the Quick Access Toolbar.

  • Show News - you can choose whether you want to receive news in your email.

  • Source of notifications - choose the source for notifications of violations of delivery control rules and other events. Set No source if you don't need them.