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  • settings before starting route planning;

  • planning of a simple route.

  • basic rules for working with the interface;

  • directories and documents tables setting.

  • detailed information on filling out all directories;

  • using the settings of each directory.

  • how to import Requests and Directories;

  • how to export Directories and Documents.

Delivery requests creating

  • planned...

  • how to plan and edit routes;

  • route planning options;

  • additional planning options.

  • GPS monitoring;

  • Actual routes dicument;

  • Mobile app and control.

Mobile commerce module

  • planned...

  • mobile app setup;

  • working with the Mobile App.

Additional features

  • planned...

  • setting up the Analytics module;

  • reports creating;

  • fast analytics.

Data exchange with CRM systems

  • planned...

  • structure of API method description;

  • formation of trial requests;

  • typical mistakes when working with the API.

User roles and access settings

  • planned...

Data administration

  • planned...